Unified Communications

Unified communications is about harnessing the capabilities of powerful, IP-enabled communications technologies. We have a deep understanding of all the products available and we know how to integrate them for the benefit of your business—providing you with the secure and efficient communication tools you need to operate efficiently.

The Logicalis approach is to use advanced technologies to make collaboration simpler, not more complicated. It encompasses:

What it means for you

We provide a secure, integrated and reliable communications infrastructure. It might be located on your premises, out-sourced, hosted or delivered as a service: whatever makes most sense for your business. Over that infrastructure, we seamlessly merge email, voice and other communications services, and give you a single interface to access it all from. 

The possibilities for collaboration are almost endless.

You can access voice messages in email; dictate an email over the phone; begin a videoconference call; and you can share, forward and manage all your messages in real time. None of this is limited by location.

As long as internet access is available, so are your communication and collaboration options.