Logicalis CIO Report 2016

Digital enablers: the challenges facing CIOs in an age of digital transformation

This report details key findings from the fourth annual Logicalis Global CIO Survey, which seeks to assess the changing role of CIOs and IT departments as the digital transformation of business gathers pace.

Over the last three years the study has answered a series of questions, including:

This year, we draw on a survey of 708 CIOs worldwide to revisit these questions and look at the digital transformation of business – how quickly it is taking place and the impact on CIOs and IT departments.


We are now in a digital age for business – an age in which organisations are rightly fascinated by digital transformation driven by cloud, mobility, big data analytics and social business. It will bring higher standards of automation, control and security to everything businesses provision and deploy.

Digital is creating new companies and new business models that allow traditional businesses to transform the customer experience, streamline their own business models, and – more fundamentally – open up a wealth of opportunity for innovation across industry and government.

Interestingly, we find that this transformation is taking place at speed. While adoption broadly conforms to a classic innovation bell curve, innovators outnumber laggards and the late majority accounts for less than a quarter of all businesses.


In step with this rapid change, new challenges for CIOs come thick and fast – from increasingly complex data, analytics and security issues to the emerging employment of IT staff within line of business departments creating the rise of ‘Shadow IT departments’.

This report looks at this new reality in detail to assess the four big challenges facing CIOs and the steps they are taking to overcome them – as well as their success to date in reshaping their roles, and that of the IT department, to more effectively support digital transformation.

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