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Vita Group

Vita Group slashes tape storage and reduces offsite storage cost

Electronics and telecommunications retailer Vita Group overhauled its IT environment to take advantage of the cloud. Vita Group partnered with Logicalis and CommVault in moving to a more efficient and cost-effective data protection model.

Vita Group, which has its head office in Brisbane, has about 1400 staff across 140 points of presence around Australia. These include 100 Telstra stores and Fone Zone and Next Byte outlets. Over the past decade, Vita Group’s organic business growth went from strength to strength and its data stores exploded to 25 terabytes. This meant its 780 tapes of storage each year were unwieldy and email recovery took days. As a result, Vita Group sought to refresh its IT infrastructure.

CommVault and Logicalis refreshed and upgraded Vita Group’s CommVault tape infrastructure, enabling more effective deduplication, archival and storage of corporate data.
The company also had plans to roll out a paperless office model. As part of the refresh, Vita Group changed from an agent-based licensing model to a capacity-based model giving the company access to every agent available under the CommVault platform. This includes access to deduplication functionality, essential in supporting the company’s paperless office structure.

Vita Group’s move to the capacity-based model represents a 2 per cent saving over three years. Vita Group slashed its tape storage from 780 tapes to 74 tapes a year and drastically reduced off-site storage costs. Before the upgrade, only five days of data could be held on disk. Now Vita Group can retain 62 days of data on disk, reducing the time take to restore data as it can be accessed on disk rather than by recalling time. With CommVault’s data analytics engine, Vita Group now has access to big data analytics for unstructured data.