Telefónica Chile (II)

Logicalis implements Vantio Base Server which is an intelligent hi-performance caching-DNS directed to companies providing high availability service.

As in Brazil and Peru, Telefonica Chile decided to strengthen its platform through Nominum Vantio products.


Telefonica Chile needed to increase its security levels and respond to the geographical redundancy needs. It’s because of this that updated and widened its Caching Name Server platforms through the DNS Nominum VantioServer with Logicalis’ implementation.


Vantio Base Server is an intelligent high performance caching-DNS directed to service providers that require a high availability service, and with the chance to expand its needs, taking into account that DNS is a control key point for the network operation, and being the DNS server totally compatible with RFC relevant, with IPv6 and DNSSEC.

Other provider’s infrastructure was incorporated with Telefonica Chile implementation, because a higher DNS capacity was required, exceeding basic standard and using load balancing technologies. The Nominum system works real time in every networks type (wireless, DSL, cable, optical fiber) and overcomes existing technology limitations to mitigate internet threats. Besides, can block malicious dominium access in a massive scale and doesn´t require any neither specialised equipment nor changes in the network structure.                          

This is why the functional Malicious Domain Redirection (MDR) was added over this same platform, which allows filtering domains and malicious traffic, cleaning the network and maintaining users safe.


Vantio Server de Nominum characteristics, as Real-Time Visibility (RTV) provision, give to the service provider a full visibility in respect to the network activity, with records, real-time analysis and reports to every DNS transaction, without affecting DNS’ service output or lag time.