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Chief Executive Officer's Review

Mark Rogers, Logicalis Chief Executive Officer, commented:

The world of digital transformation is moving rapidly, not just for our customers, but also inside Logicalis.

We are evolving our organisation to be more services oriented, more digitally competent, and more capable of helping our customers to reap the rewards of the digital technologies that are shaping the way people, live, work and grow.

What we have learnt from our customers in the Logicalis CIO Survey 2016 is that business technology is undergoing a major shift towards a distributed and digitally enabled model. This trend is a continuation of those identified by previous Logicalis CIO surveys and, as a result, the role of the IT department is changing due to the explosion of data, the rise of mobile, the cloud and the need for security best practice.

IT leaders tell us that these changes are bringing fresh challenges, changing the scope of their role within their organisations as they align themselves with more business functions. In the 2016 Survey, 23% of CIOs reported that they work on a daily basis with IT people employed by line of business departments, whose role is to support business function-specific software, applications and cloud services.

In line with our vision we are continuing to increase our own skills and invest in areas such as software, data analytics, security and cloud solutions. Our focus is on developing industry-specific solutions that are intrinsically linked to the business challenges for target industries.

Our challenge is to understand the increasingly complex world of technology that offers so much opportunity for growth and efficiency, and make it as simple as possible for our customers. As we grow our services capabilities to deliver many of these new Technologies as a Service offerings, we are removing the need for our customers to invest in more infrastructure, or more resources, or employ the rare skill sets that are required.