Chief Executive Officer's Review

Mark Rogers

As the architects of change, we enable customers’ progress at pace and with purpose.

“ From initial planning through to final execution, we have a focused approach and collaborative mindset to plug directly into our customers’ ecosystems to drive their businesses forward.”

By standing back and considering what is really happening across the IT  landscape today, it is hard to deny the foundation for the digital future predicted only ten years ago is looking ever more expansive in its reach and coherence. With cloud at its core, accelerating the IT giants Amazon and Microsoft to $1 trillion valuations, a hyper-connected world is no longer the futurist’s impossible fantasy. Today it’s the platform into which organisations across the public and private domains, large and small, increasingly plug themselves in pursuit of innovation, scale and efficiency.

At Logicalis, we have always understood the importance of connectivity through the network, to enable the flow of data that today powers every business and underpins every service provider. And like all businesses in our sector, we invest time and resource in understanding how we must evolve to ensure we remain relevant to our clients and significant to our vendor partners. Logicalis is responding to the needs of customers across several technology domains that we have identified as being of strategic importance to both them and us – and important because of being able to address customers’ business priorities in areas such as risk and compliance, operational costs, data governance and innovation.